We are a premium flavoured syrup manufacturer based in Brisbane, Australia. Since our inception in 2005, we’ve developed a wide range of premium syrup and beverage products.

This includes but is not limited to: coffee syrups, slushie bases, granita syrups, milkshake flavourings, ice cream toppings, natural fruit juice based syrups and tea products.


Over the years we’ve gained a reputation for our agile and adaptable approach to syrup manufacturing.

We’ve created hundreds of unique flavours for our clients, with major brands such as Frosty Boy and The Coffee Club utilising our “own brand” labelling and product development services.


Speed of production is also important to us, and we aim to dispatch the majority of our orders within a week of ordering. For high-volume customers, we are often able to offer same day dispatch, as we keep a wide range of stock ready for immediate delivery.

New from The Rainbow Syrup Company: Fruchilla-T

Fruchilla-T is a delicious, healthy blend of fruit juice and iced tea.

It’s different to regular, off the shelf iced tea in that it contains no added sugars, artificial sweeteners or flavourings – the sweet taste comes from fruit juice and natural fruit flavours.

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